Betsy Alford
Studying the interrelationship between native and cultivated chickpeas with their respective microbial communities.
Kamyar Aram
Rizzo Lab
The biology and ecology of Phyophthora ramorum in streams and other aquatic environments
Stephen Bolus
Dubcovsky Lab and Coaker Lab
Tyler Bourret
Rizzo Lab
Phytophthora spp. in California forests
Kellee Britt
Suslow Lab, Vice President of DOPPS
The interactions between postharvest fungi and Listeria monocytogenes on onions
Logan De Mott
Maeli Melotto lab
Determining cell-specific functions of AtJAZ4 in JA signaling and pathogen attack
Hung Doan
Director of PDC and member of Leveau Lab
Albre Brown
Baumgartner Lab
Alexandra Campbell
Falk and McRoberts labs
Characterizing virus interactions and evolution using Beet western yellows virus as a model system
Li-Hung Chen
Stergiopoulos Lab
Fungal Effectors
Anna Erickson
Falk Lab
Sara Garcia Figuera
McRoberts Lab
Erin Galarneau
Baumgartner Lab
Wood-degrading capabilities of grapevine trunk pathogens and early detection of trunk pathogens.
Noah Gardner
Casteel Lab
Alex Greenspan
Cook Lab
Ashley Hawkins
Rizzo Lab
The impacts of forest pathogens in conifer forests.
Peter Henry
Gordon Lab
Leslie Holland
Trouillas Lab and Gubler Lab
Ceratocystis canker of almond; Cytospora canker of fruit & nut crops; Control of canker diseases in almond
Bob Johnson
Rizzo Lab
Donghyuk Lee
Coaker Lab
Domonique Lewis
Bostock and Coaker Labs
Furong Liu
Ronald Lab
Molecular characterization of rice pattern recognition receptors interacting with Xanthomonas spp. infection machinery.
Minor Maliano
Gilbertson lab
Virology, Molecular biology and transcriptomics
Haley McCown
USDA Virus Lab, Dr. Sudarshana
Biology of grapevine viruses
Jeanine Montano
Melotto Lab
Sandra Mosquera
Stergiopoulos Lab and Leveau Lab
Michael O'Leary
Gilbertson Lab
Norma Ordaz
Ullman Lab
Understanding the circadian rhythm of thrips and how it relates to TSWV transmission, and optimizing TSWV transmission techniques.
Juliana Osse de Souza
Gilbertson lab
Lorena Parra
Michelmore Lab
MacKenzie Patton
Casteel lab
The host-vector-pathogen interaction of Potato Leafroll virus and the green peach aphid
Kelley Paugh
Gordon Lab, President of DOPPS
Management of Fusarium wilt of lettuce, caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lactucae
Laura Perilla
Cook Lab
Previously I have studied phytoplasmas infections in trees and leafhoppers in urban areas. Currently at Casteel Lab my interest is to study how plant pathogens alter vector -plant interactions in Solanaceous.
Marc Pollack
Falk Lab
Plant virus detection optimization for more rapid testing and cost effective techniques.
Josh Puckett
Deborah Golino at Foundation Plant Services
Evaluating the impact of GRBaV on economically important Vitis scion and rootstock cultivars
Wenjie Qiao
Falk Lab
Virus biology and characterization
Lorena Rangel
Leveau Lab
Studying the impact that IAA of bacterial origin has on the persistence, internalization and survival of human pathogenic bacteria on leafy greens.
Emily Rustad
Leveau Lab
The effects of bacterial auxin-destructive genes on plant hormone homeostasis with the objective to increase plant productivity.
Marcela Vasquez
Gilbertson Lab